Travel Requests Can Now Be Made Online

A new travel request module is now available to coaches and team managers after logging into Cal North’s Data Management System. The old E-Travel process will not work with 2014/2015 credentials as 2014/2015 player and team data does not exist in LeagueOne. Note: If a team is still utilizing 2013/2014 credentials, they will need to use the old process.

Teams should be instructed to use the instructions on completing the new process found on the Cal North website. 

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New Optional Enhancement: Returning Player Registration with Team Assignment

The number of clicks and screens that are required to create an application and roster a player in Cal North’s Data Management System has drastically been reduced. With this new enhancement to the internal player registration process, registrars can register a returning player, and assign the player to a team all on one screen.

The internal application creation screen will now allow you to mark a player as Accepted & Age/Legal, and add the player directly to any qualified, non-activated team. This mimics the process of adding a new player internally through the add player/admin functionality. This is an optional feature and applications can still be created without using this new tool.

Please Note: In order to add the player to a team you must check the Accepted and Age/Legal check boxes. Marking the player as “Paid” is an optional feature.